The wines we sell come from vineyards considered to be some of the best wine producers in Croatia. In our catalogue are the wines our buyers have found and recommended. They have visited the vineyards, sampled the wines and selected the most appealing for our members based upon the flavour, bouquet, quality and importantly, how good they are on the palate. As well as being extraordinary wines many are made from heritage grapes which are currently unknown in the UK.

Occasionally our buyers find an outstanding wine from a small local producer. Check our catalogue for these specials regularly or you may miss the opportunity to try some really unique wines.

In Croatia, the wine industry is closely regulated. All the vines are recorded and samples of the new wine crop are tested each year by the government, who then grade the wine for its composition, sugar,  alcohol content, quality, flavour and bouquet. Once certified, the producer can then offer the wine for sale.

Our wines have been tried and appraised by Jancis Decanter described Jancis as the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world. She really is a wine connoisseur.

Below is an extract of the reviews for the wine we sent for appraisal. Please visit the Jancis Robertson website to get the full appraisal of our selection. The maximum score they award is 20.

If you would like to know about the background and history of our vineyards, click on their picture to find out more.

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Feravino, Graševina 2016 Feričanci, Slavonija 12% , scored at 16/20

Lime and sunflower seeds on a fragrantly pure nose that reminds me very much of a young Trocken German Riesling. So delicate, It seems to float in the mouth. Not long, not complex, but delivers a great deal of simple, perfectly formed flavour and palate-cleansing freshness. Just a little kernel of lemony pith on the finish which gives it the right amount of bite.

Erdut, 1730 Graševina 2014 Hrvatsko Podunavlje 12%, scored at 17/20

Cool, lemon-scented, early-morning, crushed-bay-leaf fragrance. Crystalline palate, spiked with sage and verbena, more tension than the Feravino and Papak Graševinas. Soft edges, but at the same time there is a sharp spine, a stoniness, that carries through to the end. Stony texture as well. Then powdery finish. Lovely twist of gently bitter pith, citrus and stones right to the finish.

Papak, Ilok Radosh Traminac 2016 Srijem Hrvatsko Podunavlje 13.5%, scored at 16/20

Notably golden compared with the three Graševinas tasted alongside. Glorious nose – comes tumbling out like notes out a trumpet, honeyed, crystallised rose petals, lychee syrup. Smells lusciously sweet, but on the palate it is very nearly dry. Just enough residual sugar to underpin the rose petal florality and plump up the lychee fruit, but not remotely flabby, hot or cloying as so many expressive Traminacs can be. I could imagine this with a baked Vacherin.

Erdut 1730 Merlot 2015 Hrvatsko Podunavlje 12.5%, scored at 16/20

Bright, transparent ruby. Very clear, pure nose, smelling unexpectedly of wild strawberries and red cherry. Delicious. It tastes like cherry juice with a drop of damson liqueur. Cranberry sharp acidity, tannins simply pencilled in on the framework. Joyously fresh, light and utterly different. You could easily drink this for lunch with a salad or charcuterie and barely feel the alcohol at all. It’s such a pleasure to taste Merlot like this… Pinot style!

Feravino, Miraz Frankovka 2015 Feričanci, Slavonija 13.5%, scored at 16.5/20

Dark crimson, flushed with deep pink. Lifted (very slight VA), intense, notes of apricot glaze and cured meat on the nose. Burly, compact, ground parma violets and a sweet wood spice giving a lifted, perfumed character. Black cherries, charcoal, dried rose petals and then a fine skein of bitterness, adding to, not detracting from, the whole. An exotic tapestry of flavour. White pepper on a dry, fine-grained finish.

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